Bagavad Gita

“Bound by your own Karma, born out of your nature, deeds which out of delusion you wish not to do, you shall do helplessly against your will” O Kaunteya --Bhagavad Gita - Chap: 18 ; Verse: 60

Saturday, November 2, 2013



On first of November  Sensex  crossed the 2008 high and made a lifetime high. But the Nifty is yet to cross that mark. 

Whenever Nifty crosses 6357 decisively with great volume and sustains it then we can consider the change of trend in the market. It can be confirmed only when it retests the previous high of 6357 and once again starts its up move.

At that point you can see many stocks will start participating in the up move. It is essential to be vigilant for hopping in and out of different stocks.

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NOTE:  At present we may be at the threshold point of entering in to a long sustained Bull Market.