Bagavad Gita

“Bound by your own Karma, born out of your nature, deeds which out of delusion you wish not to do, you shall do helplessly against your will” O Kaunteya --Bhagavad Gita - Chap: 18 ; Verse: 60

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Art Of Money Management For A Novice

Chapter 1.  The Concept Of  Nano Investment

The outflow must not be in excess
No matter how small income is. 
                                                   Thirukkural - Verse 478

Present  Scenario:

 “Sir! Every one of us is running at a fast phase from morning to night for the sake of fulfilling our job requirements as if chased by a mad dog from behind.  We come back home late at night only to take some rest. Once again we get up early next day and start running again! This routine sometimes gets extended to Saturdays and Sundays. Most of the time it is very difficult to think about ourselves, leave alone investments”. – This is the type of conversation I come across among the modern youngsters.
In spite of earning, these youngsters are not able to build a substantial asset due lack of planning. A proper time management in their day to day life may help them to plan their investments as well as to improve the quality of their life. At present they neither spend some quality time with their family nor do they have an executable blue print which can make them multi millionaires of the future. Money is like a living organism. If you provide a proper environment it will grow much beyond your imagination. Otherwise it will vanish into thin air. Basically I do not like to switch my investment proposition quite often, mainly due to laziness. But I would like to provide a secured environment for my money to grow on its own. Let me share some of my concepts with you. We have to find the money first to make it grow. Hence the following concept.

The Nano concept:

Many of us think that investments are meant for rich people and it requires lot of money. It is not true. Getting the concept of ‘Savings and Investment’ imbibed in our mind is of utmost importance. The word “Nano” means “extremely small”. We can hypothetically consider money less than ten rupees as a “Nano” amount. Take a small box and start placing few rupee coins every day and tag the box as ‘Nano Khazana’. You consider the coins placed in that as part of the expenditure for that day. Now literally your Nano investment has started.

Where to Find the Extra Money?

Let us examine ways and means to find extra money to fill in that ‘Nano Khazana’ as well as to find a proper environment for the money to grow. We will be discussing this in detail in the forthcoming chapter.